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The characteristics and working principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine

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brief introduction

The study shows that ultrasonic wave in liquid, liquid of each bubble rupture moments generated energy great shock wave, is instantly to produce high temperature of several hundred degrees and up to thousands of atmospheric pressure, this phenomenon is known as "cavitation", ultrasonic cleaning is used liquid bubble rupture generated by shock waves to achieve the cleaning and scour workpieces inner and outer surface of the role.

Ultrasonic wave in the liquid spread, the liquid and the cleaning groove in the ultrasonic frequency vibration, vibration of liquid and cleaning tank is their inherent frequency and the vibration frequency is frequency sound waves, so people would hear the buzzing.

Ultrasonic is a kind of vibration frequency is higher than the sound wave mechanical wave, the change to chip in excitation voltage occurs vibration of, it has high frequency and short wavelength, the diffraction phenomenon of small, especially directional good, can become the rays and directional propagation. Ultrasonic wave on liquid, solid penetrating ability is very big, especially in the sun opaque solid, it can penetrate tens of meters of depth. Ultrasonic encounter impurities or the interface can produce significant reflection reflection into the echo formation, encounter moving objects can produce the Doppler effect. Therefore, ultrasonic testing is widely used in industry, national defense, biomedicine and so on.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts the principle of ultrasonic cleaning, can achieve the object completely clean the cleaning effect, especially in deep hole, blind holes, concave and convex grooves cleaning is the ideal equipment, does not affect the material and the accuracy of any object. At the same time, in the experiment of Biochemistry, physics, chemistry, medicine, scientific research and college, the use of extraction, degassing, mixing, cell crushing, nano decomposition.


The use of ultrasonic strong cavity effect, can be in a short period of time to clean dirt and oil.

Simple operation with large timer. Can arbitrarily set the time between 1 second -500 hours.

Special box for cleaning small parts with arbitrary choice. With the drainage valve is convenient for switching cleaning agent.

Equipped with automatic timing table to facilitate the management of the use of time and maintenance time.

Equipped with a standard leakage circuit breaker: used to detect a leakage power, so that the relay action, the power switch off

working principle

Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle is what kind of? The following are the main aspects of the work of its work and the steps of the ultrasonic cleaning machine how to work the principle and knowledge. Ultrasonic cleaning machine principle is mainly the transducer, and the ultrasonic frequency source of energy, and to be converted into mechanical vibration, through the wall of the cleaning groove to radiating trough in the cleaning solution to ultrasonic. Due to the radiation of the ultrasonic wave, so that the liquid in the groove of the micro bubbles can be in the role of sound waves to keep the vibration. When the sound pressure or sound pressure to a certain extent by the pressure, the bubble will quickly expand, and then suddenly closed. In this process, the moment of the bubble is closed shock wave, bubble around 1012-1013pa pressure and temperature, the ultrasonic cavitation generated tremendous pressure can damage insoluble dirt and make their differentiation in the solution and steam cavitation on the dirt of the direct inverse complex impact.

On the one hand and destroy the dirt cleaning a surface, on the other hand can cause fatigue damage and dirt layer was transferred from the gas bubble type, vibration scrubbing on solid surface pollution layer once the seam can be drilled, bubble immediately drill down vibration causes the pollution layer off, because the air into use, two kinds of liquid in the interface rapidly dispersed and emulsified oil, when the solid particles wrapped and adhered to the surface cleaning, oil emulsion, solid particles to fall off, ultrasonic propagation in cleaning liquid will produce positive and negative alternating pressure, jet formation, impact cleaning, at the same time, due to the nonlinear effect will produce acoustic streaming and micro sound flow, and ultrasonic cavitation will produce high-speed micro jets in the solid and liquid interface, all these effects can destroy the dirt, remove or weaken the boundary pollution layer, increasing the stirring and diffusion effect, accelerated soluble The dissolution of the dirt and the cleaning effect of the chemical cleaning agent. It can be seen that all the liquid can be dipped into the sound field and the presence of a cleaning effect, the characteristics of the surface of the shape of a very complex parts of the cleaning. In particular, the use of this technology, can reduce the amount of chemical solvents, thereby greatly reducing the environmental pollution.