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Use and classification of ultrasonic cleaning machines

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Use 1. The family application: daily use items such as gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, ornaments, brooches, glasses, watch, pen, CD, DVD, scraping knife, comb, toothbrush, dentures, tea sets and bottles, milk and fruit Tsui such as grapes, cherry, strawberry, these decorations, tools and fruit in cleaning is also the sterilization and disinfection, also hand also could with ultrasonic were beauty and skin care, long-term use can keep skin tender lubrication and full of elasticity. The use of solid special ultrasonic cleaner can also be used for wine, mellow wine, automatic mixing egg etc.. 2 glasses, optical instruments: all optical lenses, such as a variety of glasses, magnifying glass, telescope, microscope, camera, camera, such as the lens parts, such as the ultrasonic cleaning, all the world the true feelings show. 3. Jade, jewelry processing industry: in grinding and polishing processing process, a lot of dust dirt will cleave in jade, decorations, and these artifacts often complex shape, aperture and many, traditional cleaning methods often helpless. Solid special ultrasonic cleaner is original wonders. 4. Watches and clocks, precision instruments: a solid special ultrasonic cleaner, clocks and watches, precision instrument exempted by disassembling screw, gear, gossamer, the chain of wind and trouble, only to remove the shell, the put in with cleaning agents (such as gasoline in cleaning tank, they can get twice the result with half the effort effect of cleaning. . bank, office, financial, arts and crafts, advertising industry, office supplies: such as printer, nozzle, needle pens, pens, brushes, nozzle, spray often blocked, seals and often for Indonesia's cleave obscured, commonly used solid, ultrasonic cleaner, insurable smooth clear. If combined with the right amount of detergent or other cleaning agents will have a better effect. 6. Communication equipment, electrical appliance maintenance: cell phones, walkie talkie, Walkman and other electrical precision PCB, spare parts with solid, ultrasonic cleaning machine combined with anhydrous alcohol cleaning, can get excellent dust-free cleaning effect of pollution completely. 7. Medical units, colleges and Universities: all kinds of medical equipment such as surgical instruments, dental teeth, dental wax, according to the mirror, laboratory experiments beaker tube cleaning, all kinds of agent of reagent mixing, combined all can improve efficiency, improve cleanness, accelerating chemical reaction and shorten the time between. . Jiapin gifts: every festival or such as the opening of the exhibition, conference, association, Alumni Association, awards and other need to prepare gifts, souvenirs, prizes, solid, ultrasonic cleaning machine with its unique product ideas, chic convenient packaging, novel and unique way of cleaning significantly and the effect. Let you no longer for the selection of gifts and horns of a dilemma, because the cleaning, sterilization, beauty skin care functions for various solid ultrasonic cleaning machine is actually a new generation of Jiapin gifts. Classification 1, according to the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine is divided into: industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines, commercial ultrasonic cleaning machines, laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machines, household ultrasonic cleaning machines, etc.. 2, according to the capacity of ultrasonic cleaning machine is divided into: large ultrasonic cleaning machine, medium-sized ultrasonic cleaning machine, small ultrasonic cleaning machine. Where the capacity ranging from 4 ml to a few hundred liters. 3, according to the power ultrasonic cleaning machine is divided into: high power ultrasonic cleaning machine, small power ultrasonic cleaning machine and no heating ultrasonic cleaning machine. Among them, the heating power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine with electric heating ranges from a few tens of watts to a few thousand watts.

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