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Classification of pressure washing

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Pressure rinse 1 high-pressure flush pressure at 1 MPa (about 10 kg / cm 2) above called high-pressure washing, it is mainly relying on high pressure water column (or cleaning liquid column) impact energy to achieve the cleaning purpose. Due to the impact energy is larger, general dirt can be washed down, and be washing pieces of dead, blind hole and the cavity can be washed very clean. If the use of high-pressure washing cleaning liquid at high pressure into the cleaning will produce a large number of foam, the foam recycling system outside the fruit too little and the effects of elevated pressure flushing. Therefore, most of the high pressure washing water (hot water); for washing parts, heavy greasy dirt, not by hot water temperature is about 80 degrees. Sometimes according to the needs of whether to use a low concentration of cleaning liquid. Our country commonly used high-pressure flushing pressure is approximately 1.5 ~ 2 MPa, under such pressure, the cleaning effect and economy are better. The high-pressure flushing use high pressure flushing, not up to around 5 MPa; if the use of hot water high-pressure flushing, flushing pressure is higher (5 ~ 7 MPa). High pressure washing is a specific application of high pressure jet cleaning technology in the. Has been widely used, and the basic theory of high pressure water jet and its application have done a lot of research. Our country has high pressure washdown applications in ship rust removal and removal of external hull stick attached sea creatures; railway vehicle repair department has started using high pressure to wash cleaning bogie and car bottom, the effect is very good, in addition to remove dirt, rust and old paint layer can be washed down. A feature is to use ordinary high-pressure washing water (tap water) as the cleaning medium, but not without heating. In order to reduce environmental pollution and save water, whether through a set of wastewater recycling equipment will be used repeatedly after sewage purification. High pressure water washing cost is relatively low. For high pressure washing liquid supply system (mainly for the pump and its driving mechanism) and infusion system (mainly for high pressure pipeline and connecting device) require a higher. In addition, it must be pointed out that the high pressure liquid column or column within a short distance to human body harm, result in the operation should be Caution! Consumption. Rinse the pressure in the 300 ~ 1 million PA within the pressure flush called external pressure flushing 2 external pressure. The cleaning effect of external pressure washing is also good. The main characteristic is that the washing pressure is low, and the requirement of washing equipment is not high. It has the advantages of simple equipment, easy operation. The commonly used external pressure flushing pressure is 400 ~ 600 thousand PA, generally uses the alkaline cleaning liquid and the metal cleaning fluid as the cleaning medium. Internal combustion engine parts and components of the pressure cleaning, mostly for external pressure cleaning. 3 low pressure flush pressure at 300 thousand PA below the pressure is called low pressure flush. Because the flushing pressure is low, so the impact energy of liquid column is smaller, so it is sometimes referred to as the washing or rinsing low pressure flush. Low pressure flush is mainly used for dirt to a lesser degree zero, cleaning parts; (for example bearing manufacturing process of cleaning; or as a cleaning in process products, with low pressure water rinsing is cleaning residue of cleaning liquid. In the last case, hot water is generally used to omit the drying process after the cleaning.

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